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August 14 2017

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I was watching friends and theres a fucking potato in the cake stand

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Two more that Tumblr hasn’t seen yet

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Customers who get angry when I read them their total cost are so compelling to me. Take charge of your narrative, Janice. Be the hero of your own story. You are the one who is purchasing $113.67 worth of adult zen coloring books, Janice. It’s not me you hate, Janice. It’s not me.



i have a gif of a stockvideo of a naked girl eating a croissant she holds it and laughs then looks at it then looks back at the camera again then laughs some more she keeps looking back and forth smiling and laughing then she finally takes one tiny bite and shes acting like its the best thing shes ever eaten and she just keeps looking at the camera like “oh yea u like that” its too big to upload and i dont want to shorten it bc every minute of it is gold

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Reblog if you’re part of a hostile nation that’s declared war on Australia

Oh my god though guys you don’t know the best thing!  The best thing is: he’s right.

The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands is a micronation near Australia.  This is their flag:

The Gay Kingdom (as it is colloquially known) was founded in 2004 in protest against Australia’s legal stance against same-sex marriage.

Here are some of their stamps:

They are currently ruled by Emperor Dale I, and their currency is the Pink Dollar.

And, indeed - they declared war on Australia for not recognizing same-sex marriages performed outside the country.  (Second link.)

You’re telling me there has been a Gay Island this ENTIRE TIME and I’m only just finding out about it????


okay, but not enough people know the details on this. people at pride were upset about gay rights in australia. so they decided to sail 200 miles into the coral sea just ‘cause and put a rainbow flag on a fucking empty island out of spite. and i’m talking empty. no inhabitants. zero. it was a flat piece of land with a bit of dry grass. now it has a camp site and a post office. 

they have a declaration of independence that talks a bit about gay rights and then just flat out copies the “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” part from the american declaration of independence. and here’s the best part: the founding group actually elected their emperor. he was originally going to be called the “administrator” of a republic. their website, however, says that “upon legal advice, his title was changed to that of Sovereign on the grounds that under Australian law a defacto prince trying to claim his crown cannot be charged with treason”. so they made it a kingdom and he now claims to be a descendent of edward ii.

everything about this is glorious and everyone should know about it.

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Not one of you mentioned that the anthem for this nation is I Am What I Am by Gloria Gaynor. Not. One. Of. You.

A very good micronation. Very good.

@thatoneasianlesbian !!
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- Stokely Carmichael

Yes, Kwame Ture!!!!


hey if you’re a nazi or defend them get the fuck off of my blog and block me while you’re at it

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Wowww I feel triggered

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Important work. Congratulations & many thanks to them.


men are so unbelievably rude to women they don’t find attractive 

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August 12 2017

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Nicole got two gorgeous women to fall for her practically the first time she met them. Girl should right a damn book cause I want tips

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sometime… men who seem progressive.. are worse

August 11 2017


contrary to social media developers’ beliefs i have literally never once wanted to see posts in anything other than chronological order

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